Ferrets shed their coats in spring and autumn to get ready for seasonal changes. Winter coat is thick, fluffy, with thick lighter-colored undercoat. Summer coat is thin with little undercoat.

During shedding season, ferrets can accidentally swallow their shedding fur when they groom or eat.  If enough of these hairs are ingested a hairball can form. Ferrets can’t cough up hair like cats do, so the hairballs collect in the stomach and eventually cause dangerous intestinal blockages that must be surgically removed.

It is very important to remove shedding hair during seasonal coat change.

To prevent hair balls:

  • Brush your ferret with a soft brush (I use one like this) several times a week
  • Wash ferrets’ bedding at least once a week
  • Vacuum your home
  • Give your ferret hairball remedy for cats or ferret laxative. It helps the hair glide through the digestive system without getting stuck. I use Naturvet Hairball Aid because it does not contain petrolatum that is toxic for ferrets. My ferrets love it and I even give small portions of it as a treat. Canned pumpkin can also be given as a natural laxative
  • Feed your ferret raw eggs. They contain nutrients that help to lubricate the digestive tract of the ferret


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