Human foods are dangerous!

Friends, please NEVER let your ferrets have human foods. Ferrets can ONLY eat animal proteins which are small rodents, beef, chicken, fish and eggs. 
Many people say that it's ok, if you give them a little bit every now and then, but it is absolutely wrong. It is the same as giving a little bit of alcohol and heroin to a baby. It won't kill it immediately, but it will cause very serious health problems in the long run. 
Over time ferrets develop insulinoma. It is a condition when a tumor grows on ferret's pancreas. This tumor causes the excess production of insulin causing a dangerously low blood glucose level - hypoglycemia.

 The first signs of insulinoma is staring into space, blank expressions, weakness in hind legs etc. Other signs and symptoms include: depression, weight loss, foaming and pawing at the mouth, lack of appetite, lethargy. If not treated properly a ferret will have seizures and/or coma. And will die a painful death. 
Also, note that low quality ferret food brands like Marshall's, Iams, Mew mix, Kaytee, Totally ferret, Purina, Pro Plan contain sugary ingredients. Kibble should not contain corn, tapioca, peas, rice and etc. Really good ferret kibble will contain only animal protein.


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