Cutting nails

It is important to cut ferret's nails regularly, when nails grow too long, they make it hard for ferrets to walk and catch on fabrics. When ferrets get caught on something, they start pulling very hard and may rip their nail off completely. It is extremely painful and exposes a ferret to infections.

Here is how I trim my ferrets' nails.
Quick and painless way to cut ferret's nails.

1. Distract your ferret with a treat, favorite toy, mineral oil or
vitamin paste. Or wait till your ferret falls in a deep sleep, this way he or she won't resist the nail cutting:)

2. Take ferret or cat nail trimmer or you can try using regular toe nail clippers.

3. Make sure you are holding you ferret's paw very securely and it can't move it.

4. Look at the nail attentively and locate the blood vessel inside of the nail.

5. Cut the nail about 1/8 of an inch away from the end of the vessel.

Be careful, if you cut it too short, it will hurt your ferret and he or she will bleed.

If your ferret can't tolerate the procedure no matter what you do, cut only a few nails at a time and let it go. Continue later when your ferret calms down.

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