How to give a stress-free bath (right way to bathe a ferret)

How to give your pet a stress-free bath.
I learned this trick in a dog training school and it has worked for cats, dogs and ferrets other small mammals very well.
Most ferrets are afraid of being bathed, some of the ferrets that I encountered were so terrified, that they would urinate and defecate at a sight of it. Since many people bathe their ferrets anyway, it is important that a ferret does not get stressed with it.
So this is how it is done:
1 Prepare a bucket of warm water (warmer than you are comfortable with when you shower, as ferret's body temperature is higher).
2 Take a small jar ( I use cooking measuring cup, it has a handle and is a good size). 
3 Put your ferret in a bath tub or better in a sink, this was your ferret does not feel like he is cornered and can't escape.
4 ❗️This is important ❗️Do not run the water, when your ferret is there!
5 Dip the jar in the bucket and pore it on you ferret. Amount of water should be small enough, that it goes down the drain and does not collect in the sink. It is important that your ferret does not stand in the water. It makes him feel like it's a flood and he is in danger.
6 Use ferret shampoo and wash it off the same way, poring water with a jar.
Try it and you will see that your ferret does not hate being bathed any more!
Good luck!


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