Ferret saved from a house fire

Three people were sent to hospital after a house fire in Fruitvale last night, according to Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Chief Terry Martin.

“The cause was an unattended pot of grease that was left on the stove,” Martin said. “The fire was contained to a small area in the kitchen.”

“Our crews removed numerous pets from the structure during the incident, one ferret needed a little help.” He said there was a huge variety of pets in cages – rabbits, snakes, guinea pigs, roosters, pigeons, etc.

The ferret’s cage was the one closest to the fire. “He wasn’t doing so well, when we took him out,” Martin said, adding oxygen perked the little fellow right up, and the Red Cross will arrange for a vet to see him to be sure he’s okay.

“It made me realize that we are not in possession of proper oxygen equipment for pets, so we’ll have to look into that,” he said, adding the majority of house fires they attend involve pets in some way.

The Nelson Daily

Ferret Farm: I am so happy to know that here are such great people out there for whom no life is too small to save!


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