A wheelchair for a ferret


What likely fate do you suppose would befall a ferret, found abandoned and paralyzed? 
As it happens, for Scooter the ferret, being found in such a state turned out to be a very lucky break.
Scooter was paired up with a ferret fanatic in Colorado, Bill Higbee, after he heard of about the ferret from the town vet.

"I've just always loved the little guys," Higbee said. "Some people call me the ferret guy."
Higbee adopted Scooter and even built him a wheelchair that allows him to freely roam around the house.

But the wheelchair is not the only therapy that Scooter receives. Once a week, Higbee and Scooter head back to the vet's office where the ferret undergoes acupuncture.
"What we're trying to do is get his chi flowing. It's kind of hard to explain it in terms of western medicine," said "This is one happy ferret. Every week he gets better."

Higbee said that is just what you do for your family.
"That's about the best way to put it. These are my family. They keep me company. I laugh a lot with them. You know the turtle isn't too entertaining...but," Higbee said. 


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