3 humane ways to take a Halloween picture of your pet.

With less than one week till Halloween a lot of pictures of dresses up pets is uploaded onto social media. They look adorable, I agree. But let's be honest, at best your pet couldn't care less about a Halloween costume. But what is more likely, he or she simply hates to be dressed up. I have three different suggestions how to take a nice seasonal photo of your pet and do it humanely :)

                                                                                                                   1. Set up the scene and let them pose. 
I took all my best ferret pictures like that. Just put some Halloween decorations and show it to your pet. Often times they will exceed all your expectations. Like it happened last week when I bought some good-looking Halloween cookies and decided to take a picture of Charlotte with them, but instead I got an epic video of her stealing and stashing the treats.

2. Take pictures while they sleep. 
Some animals have very deep sleep and you can do virtually anything you want while they are asleep.

3. Use desktop graphic redactors and smartphone apps.

You can get very cute seasonal pictures by digitally enhancing them. A lot of these apps are free and do not require any skills to use them.


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